• Make another pot of the same soup - but without any red pepper - and then mix the two pots together. You don't have to mix it together all in one super-huge pot. You can mix it together in smaller containers.
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  • What kind of soup? Usually adding rice, potatoes or barley can help. Or like bible guy said you can double it. You may want to put half in the freezer and fix the rest. But soup freezes well, so by all means don't throw it out! And freezing in small containers will make it easier to defrost and heat. Like putting it in ice cube trays then putting them in a freezer bag. that way you can heat only what you want at the time. But if you're cooking for a large group that may not be practical.
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  • What you can do is man up 🧔 and eat your dinner. lol 🥣

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