• Nope, it hasn't been
  • It was while it was being built, but Biden's "Tear Down America" policies have rendered it useless - just like the rest of his administration.
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent March 21 2022
  • It has slowed down some of those coming across the border. The main problem is there are too many holes in it. Holes where no fence has been built but also many places with the wall has been built there no gates installed. I was opposed to the wall at one time but now am for it because most of those crossing are from almost every country in the world but not Mexico. Mexico needs to shut off those foreign countries from entering. Biden has been a major problem since he does nothing to slow the passers. This all has to stop. Oh, I live on the border with Mexico so I am closer to the problem than most.
  • No way to know until they let them finish it.
  • It was never built or paid for by Mexico.
  • No and US Taxpayers have paid for it...not Mexico.
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      Texan taxes have paid millions of dollars in the last couple of years for the wall.

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