• there is none I know of plenty of rich people that have been doing sh*t things to people for the last 40 years. It gets down to how much justice you can afford.
  • "True Justice" happens when two things happen *** the victim is restored *** AND the victimizer suffers EXACTLY the same thing that their victim suffered. *** Naturally "true justice" is beyond mere human ability in many cases.
    • Linda Joy
      Thank God for His GRACE!
  • justice in terms of a trial is when the suspect, defendent get what they deserve,
  • It’s justice for killers to be in prison for life. It’s not justice to end a person’s life so in other words the government in America are equally as criminal as the killer getting executed. Executions are the government committing murder but some people don’t understand that who are full of anger and hatred towards the killer. There is a reason for prison which some of the public fail to understand. It’s justice for criminals of all sorts to be in prison in order to protect the victims
    • Linda Joy
      Just the American government? Or all the governments around the world?
    • Army Veteran
      Executions aren't murder. Murder is defined as the unlawful taking of someone's life (certain provisions considered). When the government does it, you can rest assured that it's lawful. But I agree that the death penalty should be abolished. It's the easy way out. Between a death sentence and life without parole, the criminal will be in prison until he dies either way. It would be more justifiable for the victims of his crime if he were to endure every minute for as long as possible than to get it over with quickly and let him end his suffering in a matter of moments. The victims have to suffer for the rest of their lives, so why not him, also? They say that some things are worse than death. Therefore, death isn't the worst thing that could happen to a convicted criminal. A long time in a prison cell watching life go on without you might be worse.
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      1465, the whole point of a criminal being in prison is to teach them a lesson and for the protection of their victims. Prison time is not worse than death. It’s the other way around. Executions ARE murder because it is the government taking the life away from a criminal. If you don’t see it that way you are basically f*cked up in the head and full of hatred and anger. Hatred and anger are reasonable feelings towards killers but to want them dead is immoral and equally as criminal as they are. Anyone who fails to understand that executions are murder are blind to the fact that the criminal’s life has been put to an end. There should only be one punishment and that is prison time
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Linda Joy, I can also refer to other countries who do it. Not every country in the world. Some countries are friendlier where there is no executions such as here in Ireland.
    • Linda Joy
      Executions are not "unlawful" They are done according to the law and you are the one fucked up in the head and full of hatred and anger towards the government for thinking they are. You see, this is NOT a mental illness, but simply a difference of opinion. And if you are going to diagnose mental illnesses you need a license. AND A BUTLOAD MORE EDUCATION ON THE SUBJECT. And besides that its prejudiced to call out America when other countries do it too. So that makes you fucked up in the head AND PREJUDICED! Besides being plain old WRONG! If you are going to call people fucked up in the head for having an opinion different from yours then its ok for me to call you fucked up in the head whenever you disagree with me, but don't have a mental illness. It also makes you a liar come to think of it whenever you are wrong. So that makes you a liar because executions ARE NOT ILLEGAL.
  • Justice is a fair outcome of a legal matter. If it's not a legal matter, I wouldn't call it "justice," not because of a sense of fairness, but because I don't believe that fits the scope of the term. There's a lot of discussion about the death penalty here, so I guess some people consider fairness objective. I know that executing a person who, say, murdered a small child, doesn't bring back the small child, but I think it's difficult to argue fairness in that case, regardless of your personal views of the ethics of capital punishment. On the other hand, many nations that have the death penalty for apostasy (Iran), drug use (Indonesia), or stealing (China) might have some arguments about how death is not a fair punishment for crimes that do not result in death or risk of death to other people, since there is no just balance between punishment and alleged crime. There can also be a vast discussion about fairness in general around murder cases, but I think that creeps outside of the relevance of the death penalty, except for the cases where people are executed before they end up exonerated (which happens much more often than the US Justice system would like to admit).

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