• Part of my question has been erased for reasons I can't figure out, so I'll continue here: In 1956, a UK Pound (£) was worth $2.7983 A US Dollar was worth £0.3574 Please tell me how you figured out the answer
  • Your computer has a calculator. Pull it up and open the menu - there are all kinds of calculations that you can do, including currency. You can get your answer there. Make sure when you're done that you reset it back to "standard" or the next time you go to use it, it will be on the last application you used it for.
  • Thanks, 1465. Anyone else got an answer?
  • To complicate your calculation UK currency was only decimalised in 1971, prior to this there were 12 pennies (d) to the shilling (s) & 20 shillings to the pound (so 240d to the pound). If a dollar was £0.3574 multiply this by 8.14 & you get 2.909236. Break this down & you get approximately £2. 18s. 2d & a farthing (a farthing was quarter of a penny).
  • It's a simple ratio. LINE #1 {{x £ = 8.14 $}} LINE #2 {{1 £ = 2.7983 $}} just "divide" Line #1 by Line #2 {{x/1 = 8.14 / 2.7983}} {{x = }}

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