• LOL - My, how history repeats itself. A Russian boycott? REALLY? Are they serious??? They did the same thing to Germany right after Hitler came to power - the Jews ("Zionists", actually - not "Jews") started a worldwide boycott against ALL German goods. Oh, those tricky Zionists - you never know what they're going to do next...(LOL). Oh...BTW - Joe Biden is a Zionist, for anyone who doesn't care. Small world, isn't it? 😆
  • I think that those bottles that are on store shelves have already been bought and paid for by the retailers, and Russia has already been paid for them. Now, that move is only hurting the retailers and not the Russians. The world should stop importing and buying Russian goods though, IMHO.
  • Putin won't care, if you've ever listened to him speak, these things won't bother him, when French paid sanctions to US for breaches, in, I think it was Iran, Putin described them as "dearest ones," which translates politely to "bunch of pussies." His made of harder stuff, the bloke has been where he is for a reason, he was a spy remember. "If" his intent is to invade to re-create the Soviet Union, he would of planned it years in advance. That said, if this does end up in war, this has probably been planned years in advance. People have to fund wars, but they also make a lot of money, only the soldiers and civilians stand to lose, but hey, that's what chess is all about, the sacrifice of the pawns. Might be worth noting China isn't jumping on the bandwagon.

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