• Maybe you should ask the founding fathers since they were the ones who divided the states.
  • Straight-line borders are typically the result of edict or compromise. Remember: the colonies were originally entirely coastal communities. However: the colonies also had "charters" from English monarchs that allowed them to settle and establish law in the land settled. These "charters" typically had borders of some sort described within them, sometimes in an attempt to avoid conflict with neighboring colonies, sometimes in an attempt to reserve land for future colonial grants. When the colonies expanded, often they discovered that they had conflicting claims (i.e. two colonies claiming the same territory). Such conflicts were resolved in compromises - between the individual states, originally, and in Continental Congress and U.S. Congress in later times. *** Maryland has borders with DE, PA and VA (and since just before the Civil War, WV). *** Here are SOME of the details regarding the history of the borders of Maryland {{ }}

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