• Believe it or not, for thousands of years there was a separation between the sexes where men showed a special kind of respect for women. Such is not the case today - morality has been ground into the dirt and there is no such thing as respect anymore. Looking around you, it's plain to see that this is a turbulent world we live in - any guesses on how it got to be this way?
  • Because we are women. By the way, Egalitarians don't ignore the differences in men and women. Do you know 1 in 5 women in the US will be raped in their lifetime, how do we even that out with equality? This is why men should be taught a protective way of treating women, because it's no secret that physically, (unless we are talking Olympians), woman are not as strong as men, they also carry life, hence again, to be protective of them. For example, if you was dating a woman, and a man started harassing her, and threatening her, would you just say, oh well she can look after herself she's an egalitarian, we are equal? The wrong kind of feminism tries to argue that men are equal with woman, by acting like men, it's nonsense, there is no problem with embracing our differences, and showing that in how we act.

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