• pick again its a pos. Unless you enjoy a slipping transmission thats not sure which gear it wants to be in go for it.
  • Personally I like Nissan in general. Cars that are reliable (compared to typical U.S.), comfortable seating, and equally importantly: they usually fit my height. (Other reliable non-U.S. brands tend to have roof much too low.) *** Consumer reports in general is not impressed with the Versa (not sure about the CVT in particular). They like the safety features and the "infotainment" (read: mobile device connectivity), dislike the driving performance. Rear seats cramped. Mileage is very good...but so are several competing models. Ditto Edmunds. *** Consumer reports car prices: Chevy Spark $13,600. Mitsubishi Mirage, list $14,600, Versa comes in at #3 at $15,000. *** Consumer reports has even less good to say about the Spark than about the Versa. Worse score on road test. Worse reliability. *** The Mirage is rated even worse than the Spark, though it has better mileage than the other two and more interior room. *** All of that being said, when I ran the Consumer Reports "car picker", it listed the Versa as the #1 recommendation for low-cost car. BUT BE AWARE that they recommend that you go with a higher-priced car if you can afford it. Looking at costs up to $20,000, they recommend the Subaru Impreza (base $18,800), then (in order) Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra and (once again) Nissan Versa.

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