• As long as the powers in charge are able to get away with their authoritarian mandates, look for it to last indefinitely - or until they can get total compliance (which will never happen). What we're experiencing is the "Hillary" version of Marxism. To explain, Hillary had a mentor who taught her about Marxism - a man named Saul Alinsky. And while she learned everything from him, their philosophies differed in that he believed a Marxist take-over should be subtle - a gradual take-over from within the government. Hillary believed that it should be a forced take-over. What we're experiencing is the way she would have implemented Marxism had she won the election. Obama was the first step in bringing Marxism to America (he never has produced a legal birth certificate). He was supposed to hand the reins over to Hillary, but the American people weren't as stupid as he and the radical Left thought - they had been quite brainwashed with political correctness and the Dems thought forcing Marxism on them would be easy. But American voters had more resolve than the Left thought and saw through their agenda - and voted Trump into office. This is why they spend more than 4 years trying to get rid of him. They managed to do it with a fraudulent election, but until they can fully incapacitate him to prevent him from running again, he is still a threat to them. Until they are voted out, they will continue to force their compliance until they break the will of the people (again, it will never happen).
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      Thank you :)
  • I think many scientists are right in saying Covid will become an endemic, but it could pose less danger over time.
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      "Follow the science" is redundant if only one version of "the science" is allowed to be presented.
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      Thank you Jenny
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      1465, that is, until all scientists come to a conclusion. And until then by how the pandemic is going, I can agree with many of these scientists on this matter.
  • There will always be another variant.
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      Yes I hear you
  • Of course it will get worse. The variants are going to kill us. It won't be gone until we find a cure. -And lets see how this Pfizer pill that is coming out next year works out for us.
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      Thanks for Hulk :)
  • It will last until enough people say "No". In this instance, I think "No" will come in the form of an election.
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      Yes, you are right
  • Nobody knows how long COVID 19 will last for because you can’t tell what the future holds. Like all pandemics from the past, the coronavirus will stop eventually
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      Yes, I believe it will eventually disappear , let's hope through Our Dear Lord Jesus in Heaven
  • Many of our MP's have said it's here to stay, like the flu.
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      Wow that's something
  • About as long as the Spanish flu has lasted.
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      Thank you

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