• He used to be a guard dog, but he's getting old now and is semi-retired.
  • No, I have neighbors with guns.
    • Moving Violation
      How is that going to help you? Nov.18.2021
    • Linda Joy
      I'd trust my neighbors with guns to protect me better than any dog.
    • dalcocono
      Most of us who keep dogs and guns really only need the dogs to alert us to trouble. Once we know, we can usually take it from there.
  • Yes, I have a chocolate Lab. It is a friendly, playful and loyal dog with me, my family and friends. But aggressive towards strangers, and as anything that may seem dangerous, because it is part of the canine nature.
  • Why? Are you planning to rob my house..?
    • Moving Violation
      Excellent Dec.20.2021

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