• My problem with Kia (and Toyota/Lexus, for that matter) is that their cars and small pickups are made for shorter people. I'm only 6'1" or so (maybe 6'2" if you're being generous and if I haven't shrunk with age), and my head literally bumps the ceiling if I position the seat the way I like it. In Kias, the leg room is also way too little. With the steering wheel where it is, even with the seat positioned all the way back and the wheel positioned all the way forward and up, I have to force my legs against the steering wheel to get them out of the car, and it's uncomfortable the way my legs are bent WHILE driving the car. *** SO: I would NEVER buy a Kia because of that severe lack of comfort. I have a much better fit in Nissans and in American-made cars.

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