• Not as many people buy into the Global Warming scam as the purveyors of the lie want the rest of the world to believe. Where do you think the materials come from to build electric cars? How are you going to "save the environment" by making electric cars when you have to destroy the environment to obtain the materials you need to make them?
    • Charin Cross
      these eco supporters never think of those things. they just think Elon Musk pulls Tesla's out of his a$$!
    • 1465
      Another thing is, their gas mileage is too low. 0 mpg isn't a reliable car in my book.
  • {{ }} The sales figures show a quite respectable annual increase in sales. Of course, EVs suffer from a few major problems. **1** RANGE. For example: the typical U.S. family car makes at least one long-range trip per year. Many make several > 100 mile (each way) trips per year. Most EVs are incapable of performing this task. **2** (Likewise) Shortage of "re-fueling" stations. The typical EV cannot be driven all day long without refueling and on many trips cannot be refueled except over several hours and "at the end of the driving day". *** Etc. All-electric vehicles will "come into their own" when they exhibit ALL of the same advantages as gasoline-based vehicles.
  • Not enough charging stations across the US.
  • Don't pay attention to the trolls who are working for Big Oil. Their opinions are empty prattle. They don't acknowledge climate change either >> The reason sales are poor is because distance it can go and because it has to be recharged every 200 miles.😎
    • 11stevo73
      where do the materials that make the battery's come from? How much diesel does a mine eat everyday. Lets make more mines good on grandpa keep giving the world away you sell out.
  • Most people don't find interest in them.
  • Currently they have poor sales since they are over priced and have poor trade in value.
  • Not enough plugs for them,
  • Too expensive for your average Joe, the batteries are £20,000 each, and they aren't recyclable friendly. James Lovelock made some suggestions regarding the situation we are in, he believes that wind turbines, and solar panels are not enough, and even though the greens are against it, that the quickest way to solve the problem is nuclear power, because even though we have nuclear waste, it is no where near the amount of CO2 that is being created at the moment, and pointed out that it is not just the earth being affected, but also the sun, which is getting hotter, he also mentioned the Malthusian theory, I'll leave the link here... Still if push comes to shove, we'll all die, the elite will hide somewhere maybe in the Crystal City,,_Arlington,_Virginia And the world will reset itself, shake us off like a bad dose of fleas. We got a glimpse of how the world was changed during lockdown, and I'm sure this wasn't missed by those in charge. Unless man starts viewing the earth as a living organism, and vital for our survival, then we don't deserve it. When I see all the rubbish at the side of roads, in the oceans, I just find it frustrating and heart-breaking, people view there little boxes on earth, as separate from it, and they are not.

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