• As far as I know, ALL evidence shows that modern humans did NOT evolve from Neanderthals. They were a SEPARATE hominid species that became extinct.
  • If they did interbreed with Cro-Magnons, certain traits were eventually bred out. Now, if we could just do that with liberalism.
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      If you hate liberals so much why don't you give your social security back to the government.
  • Natural selection. Actually, if you trace back all animal life on Earth, it all goes to a surprisingly small gene pool if you go more than just a few generations back. Most animals don't produce successful progeny. There may have been hundreds of species of hominids that died out and never passed on their traits and also never made any retrievable fossil record.
  • Neanderthal were a separate species of human. None of them evolved into homosapiens though. They are supposed to have inter bred with the more recent Cro-Magnon species of man. I have seen different articles claiming many of us have a small percentage of Neanderthal DNA in our make up. I think they must have just failed as a species after Cro-Magnon came onto the scene.
  • the ones that ate meat evolved into a higher life form and with bigger brains.

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