• Well, for one thing...they weren't given any helicopters. They "appropriated" them. (I.e. stole them, took them without asking for permission from the owners and without making any attempt to return them to the owners.) But it's actually a good point and a good idea. The U.S. could offer to trade a generous foreign aid package in return for the most expensive U.S. military equipment left behind - such as helicopters.
    • Army Veteran
      Yes, they WERE given the helicopters. When Biden abandoned them, they were free for the taking. And if you believe the Taliban should have "returned" them, you're a little naive - enemies just don't do that kind of thing. LOL
      No, no, you misunderstand. They SHOULD have returned them...obviously. That they would NOT do so is also obvious.
    • Army Veteran
      LOL. You mean something like "honor among thieves"? What are you smoking? ROFL
  • They don't need to sell them. Biden will find a way to "gift" them the money they want. The US has been doing it for Israel since 1948.
  • Most all of the helicopters were destroyed or made unusable before the US exited.
    • Army Veteran
      So "Lyin' Biden" says.
    • 11stevo73 Is that a USA supplied blackhawk with a towelhead flying it?

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