• To qualify, I'm not left or right wing. I never thought it was a hoax, I don't know anyone who thought it was a hoax. Do you still ignorantly think it matters to COVID if you're right or left wing leaning?
    • Chicagoan
      Eventually, we'll cue-in complete lunatics who'll try to compare it to something bigger to try and make it seem insignificant - which is even a greater form of total idiocy. But, you can't sure stupid with the unwilling.
    • Hulk70156
      LJ, Trump said it was the Dems New Hoax on 2/25/20
  • Just to get things into perspective, there are 7.9 billion people in the world globally. 303 million 808, 219 people in the US alone. 56 million a year die of Non-communicable diseases, deaths from causes such as infectious disease, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, neonatal and maternal deaths are common – and in some cases dominant – across low- and middle-income nations. In Kenya, for example, the leading cause of death remains diarrheal diseases. In South Africa and Botswana, the leading cause of death is HIV/AIDS. In high-income countries however the share of deaths caused by these is very low. The leading causes of death are often chronic, long-term illnesses and include cardiovascular diseases (including stroke), cancers, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases (such as chronic pulmonary disease and asthma, but excluding infectious respiratory diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza). This is a fact before and after Covid. As for those who don't believe in Covid, then that education will only come when the people catch the disease or someone close to them in order to realise it is real, and even then for the majority, most will catch this and have mild symptoms. I've just took a peek as I'm in the UK so I'm not sure about right wing America, but from what I've read it isn't that they don't believe in Covid, but that they believe the government are "exaggerating the virus." However, unless people want to create a government where people can no longer have a say regarding what happens to their bodies, then people still have the right to agree to have the vaccine and I support that choice, even though I know people who have died of Covid, that said they mostly had underlying health conditions. The covid vaccine does come with a long list of side-effects including fatal clots, bells palsy, Guillain-Barré syndrome and more and so it is up to the individual to weigh the risks. I have family who caught Covid in March 2020 participated in trials and their own immune system is still active against Covid. The fact still remains those unvaccinated but healthy are unlikely to die of Covid, I know people with leukaemia and Cancer who have survived Covid. If you have been vaccinated then you are offered a certain amount of protection, but those in the older age bracket with underlying health problems are still more likely to be the ones who end up in intensive care with Covid, even when vaccinated as this vaccination does not prevent you catching the disease, than those who are healthy and unvaccinated. The fact that many people do not trust their governments shows the main problem here. Admittedly, my own government have constantly changed their information and so endangering people even though they saw this coming over the hill from China, and even though there had been a trial run of what would happen if there was a world wide pandemic of Covid at the John Hopkins centre back in October 2019. (Event 21), they let elderly people in hospitals with Covid, be released into Care homes and so not protecting them, causing many unnecessary deaths. I have also listened to a number of whistle blowers who claim that this virus was created and came from the Wuhan lab, in which they worked, the only lab that deals specifically in Coronavirus's, and the WHO lied to the people regarding this, it doesn't make the virus any less real, but it does make the government untrustworthy, maybe you should take a look at this for yourself, unless of course you don't want to weigh both viewpoints. Granted, to swallow what your government tells you is less frightening to your security, but if you wish to adorn the tin foil hat, JFK was telling you about your government and was assassinated for it. Hence, the people should still have the power to say as they please, in protecting their first amendment right while they still have it.
  • To reiterate what Creamcrackered said, how many of those deaths were strictly COVID, and how many had underlying diseases that would have been fatal on their own? I have exposed the CDC scam of including death statistics from pneumonia and influenza with the COVID updates - yet everyone ignores the facts. It seems as though even a fatal cardiac event can have COVID attached to it, as was the case with George Floyd. The mainstream media like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Slimes, the Washington Compost, and other fake news outlets have been reporting excessively high numbers in their collusion with the Left as part of a power grab. As with the current border crisis and the free pass being given to illegals, the Left has no interest in stopping COVID. The longer they can keep it going, the longer they can force government control. And this is why they're still so afraid of Trump - they know he can take it away from them.
    • Charin Cross
    • Hulk70156
      CC.s _ We asked for an answer, not a book. And I've already reported you guys for passing Covid misinformation.
  • Until someone in their family gets sick or dies, they won't believe it is true.
  • Just like my Sargent...They don't believe that sh*t smells.
  • As far as I know (I might be mistaken), "the right wing", as a whole, never believed that. Certainly **I** never believed that.
    • Hulk70156
      You are mistaken: Trump said it was the Dems New Hoax on 2/25/20
  • India had one of the worse times with Covid, until they started using Ivermectin. Now the virus is virtually eliminated. Why are our politicians still pushing an ineffective vaccine that already requires "booster" shots? And they won't allow our doctors prescribe PROVEN remedies like Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine? TO MAKE MONEY!! There are 9 new billionaires thanks to covid.
    • Hulk70156
      CC: Intermectin is HORSE-DEWORMER! OMG, you people are stupid. BTW, God just called, he wants your brain back. You're not using it. lol
    • bostjan64
      Ivermectin might work, but it's still being looked into. Almost every study has shown it to be ineffective at treating severe covid, though, so you'd have to take it either before exposure or soon after symptoms start, best case. HCQ has already been proven not to do anything. The logic of doctors making money by not treating people is a little odd. How do doctors make more money by not-doing-their-job than by doing-their-job? And yes, Hulk, Ivermectin is a horse dewormer, but it's also a human dewormer. Until there is reliable data, there's no reason to believe that a horse dewormer would necessarily not be a cure for covid. To put into perspective, penicillin is a potent antibiotic, but is also a bread mould, quinine is a bitter tropical root tincture, but is also the cure for malaria... so, you never know until you try. However, Ivermectin is being tried to fight covid, and the results are only mildly encouraging, not the miracle cure that some people are screaming about.

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