• I think of a nap as a short sleep during the day, maybe on the sofa & not planned, where as going to sleep is for the night & in bed. I nap occasionally & was born in the 1960s.
  • A nap is sleeping for a short period of time
  • Naps are usually short and don't allow enough time for REM sleep to kick in.
  • 40 winks! I don't intentionally nap, but sometimes I'm so exhausted I will fall asleep in the chair for 20 minutes, I'm not a fan of sleeping in the day because I don't want to upset my night time sleep. I do think its an age thing as you get older, but I did have naps when I was younger, because you are doing all that growing and I think you need the extra sleep. . Born in 1970's
  • "Taking a nap" SUGGESTS preparation/premeditation and a short time span. "Going to sleep" can happen without premeditation, and has no connotation with regard to time span
    • Linda Joy
      Interesting perspective!
  • a nap is short term and often not at night like sleeping is

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