• Blindness, paralysis, etc. are infirmities
  • I thought of sickness as being more temporary, but looked it up in order to learn. Here's what I found: "A "disease" has a pathological cause such as bacteria or a virus. A "disorder" has a mental, chemical, or physical cause. An illness is more generally any condition that causes one to not feel well. It includes diseases and disorders, and it can be applied to more transient maladies such as a cold.Aug 11, 2004"
  • Illness is a state where a person is in the feeling of pain or discomfort, which does not have a specific reason. On the other hand, disease refers to a condition in which the body or a part of the body fails to function. When a particular organ fails to function properly, you may call it a disease. Illness is a general term, which is similar to sickness, as if your body is sick.

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