• I believe there are people similar to the World such as the USA/ UK / Australia
  • I do; not the "Men in Black" type, but there is too much evidence of extraterrestrials flying about to ignore.
  • nope ..but we dont know for sure. there could be ailiens out there ,its a big big world unexplored
  • There are aliens on Earth. The definition of an alien is an unknown species. I don’t believe in aliens on another planet. Anybody who believes there are aliens on another planet have their head in the sci-fi movies meaning they are on cloud nine. There are people in the world who don’t explore the planet they live on because they are trapped in their head. There are still unknown species that exist somewhere out there in the world such as deep in the oceans, deep in the forests and places that are uninhabitable for humans
  • Given the countless trillions and trillions of planets that exist in our universe inside Habitable Zones around their respective suns/stars, many of which have existed far longer than our own planet... it is with mathematic certainty that other life has evolved one some of those planets just as it has on ours. To think otherwise only indicates a complete lack of critical thought, in favor of ridiculous cult beliefs. To suggest that our own planet is the only one in the universe that supports life is beyond arrogant. And beyond silly.
  • Yes but I have never seen any.

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