• Before going after the seller, check the shipper. It takes many days to receive a parcel, no matter where it's shipped from. This is where the dog suffered - en route. There should be a provision in shipping policies that requires live animals to be fed while going through the shipping process. Parcels containing live animals should be labeled so they can be fed and watered.
  • Where ever you live if it's in the United States such as Pennsylvania you need to file a complaint with Josh Shapiro the Pennsylvania Attorney General and give all the information you to them in the complaint include the person name, address, phone number, etc And I'm sorry this happened to you
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      Yeah - it took the delivery service a week to deliver the dog (who fed the dog while it was in the delivery service's custody? Certainly, the seller was in no position to), so by all means, go after the seller. That makes about as much sense as anything else coming from the Left side of the aisle.

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