• Not at all. Intelligent, interesting move with the times, retaining what's valuable from the past but enjoying and adopting what is new and useful. One doesn't have to accept everything new, but there's no point in turning up your nose at everything rather than exploring how the new can be made to work for you. Intelligent people also continue to take an interest i the world around them, in current events, or they might as well shrivel up and die. They live in that world; the events affect them. They are not all good, obviously, but neither was the past in which we grew up. Take it from a historian.
    • Linda Joy
  • "Home" is the one thing that solidifies what's left in my life. No matter how it changes, I know that I have walked the same streets and it will always be a part of me. I have some family that is close, but I have little desire to make new friends. I'm not much on socializing anymore - there's too much drama and I no longer have the empathy for it.
  • It's getting there Linda.
  • Only in the area of movies. I go to the movies once a week. Most of the time I don't understand them. The majority of the time I sit there trying to figure out wtf the movie is about. "Stillwater" was one, "Knives Out" was another. "Current War" was in code. lol Both Guardians of the Galaxy, The Ring series. I saw The Protege' today and was completely lost. I do not understand why they make it so hard to go to the movies. Also, they seem to want to make serials more than they want to make movies. I have no patience for this.

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