• time isn't alive, or sentient.
    • Linda Joy
      So do you think killing plants is murder? They're alive...
  • Time is relative, it's just a way that our (limited) mind measures events and decaying matter whilst on this planet. Saturn and Cronus were often associated with time and death. If we experienced time differently, we may live a lifetime in a second, would you want to kill time then? :) And when you're lost in the here and now, and not bedevilled by thoughts taking you to the past and present, where does time go? Have you ever stopped to think, and not been able to get started again? What's your next thought? Can you make yourself think, or does it happen to you?
    • Linda Joy
      Thinking happens automatically and I usually have 5-10 thoughts competing for my attention at once. Time is connected to space and is relative to our earth. Time on another planet is measured differently. Time measures process.
    • Creamcrackered
      If thinking happens automatically, who's doing the thinking? I experience it as something happening to me, same as my mind being a library that works behind the scenes and comes up with an answer often without my thinking about it. Each person experiences time as relative, you must admit Linda, time goes faster as we get older, I was only 25 yesterday I woke up today and thought crikey I'm in my late forties when did that happen? :)
  • You'd think so, judging by some employers.
    • Linda Joy
      If there's time to lean there's time to clean!!
  • No. Killing time means to spend time while a person is waiting. That’s nothing to do with murder but I get the humour in your question because it’s playing with words
    • Linda Joy
      So crocheting while waiting for an appointment is killing time?
    • Shadow Of The Mind
      Something like that.
  • You don't have enough to do, do you?
    • Charin Cross
    • Linda Joy
      :-( no. The hilight of my day today is going to get a replacement battery for my blood glucose monitor.
  • Don't quit your day job.😓
    • Linda Joy
      I wish I had a day job!!
  • Yes, just like being a cereal killer
    • Linda Joy
      Always after me lucky charms!!

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