• My dear, you're really quite desperate, aren't you? First, little people like you tried to claim he didn't even attend. Now, that having turned out to be false, you're trying to claim that he "continually" checked his watch and the parents were "infuriated". In fact, he did NOT continually check his watch. Video clearly shows that he checked it once, after the last body had been transferred. You believed a fake claim. No surprise. You little Trumpkins always do. Grow up, for God's sake. No one of any intelligence, education, and discernment takes childish whiners like you seriously. You have nothing of serious substance and importance to discuss. You can't even admit that Trump's "surrender agreement," as McMaster put it, would have resulted in precisely the same exit-problems, that the Taliban wouldn't have honored ANY agreement made with Trump. No, you just want to whine about watch-checking.
    • 1465
      "...the Taliban wouldn't have honored ANY agreement made with Trump." - if that's the case, why did they wait for Biden to withdraw and not attack during the Trump administration? Trump gave clear examples of what he would do when Americans were killed. There was no "Trump surrender agreement". From day 1 of his administration, Biden set out to countermand Trump's foreign policy - including the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The resulting disaster rests squarely on Biden's shoulders just like the border crisis and everything else that he and Kamala have touched.
    • Charin Cross
      Your racid Party called out Trump every day about the tinitest things. Don't dish it if you can't take it. And there are pics of Biden looking at his watch.
    • Victorine
      Charin, learn to spell. No one can take seriously the claims of people who can't even use the English language correctly. As for you, 1465, Trump hadn't actually withdrawn yet, because he lost the election, or had that obvious fact escaped you? And Biden SHOULD countermand Trump's so-called "foreign policy," which was amateur, uninformed, and ill-advised. Biden has had years of experience. Trump had none. Biden also wanted us out of Afghanistan - the centuries-long "graveyard of empires" -- years ago. This was not a new or impulsive decision, and he knew very well how messy a withdrawal would be -- unlike Trump, who's still talking about his "beautiful deal" (the one McMaster has called a "surrender deal"). Such a little fool Donnie is.
  • Biden looked at his watch once - but then couldn't seem to stay focused on what was going on. While everyone else was watching the events going on to their left, Biden's attention span wasn't so acute.
  • extremely disrespectful. he probably needed to take his meds--all 15 of them!

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