• Could be his influence on other musicians, the international album sales, a couple of Grammys... "Bobby Brown" was a top 5 hit in Germany, Switzerland & Austria, it was a number one in Norway & Sweden.
  • "Top 40" doesn't correlate strongly with Rock music. Janis Joplin wasn't in the Top 40 while she was alive. Did Led Zeppelin have a Top 40 hit? And "Valley Girl" was #32 on Billboard's Top 40.
      Note: yes, Led Zeppelin had several top 40 hits. "Whole Lotta Love" managed to reach #4.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      NY NY: Janis Joplin had Mercedes Benz, Me and Bobby McGee, get it while you can.
    • Professor Yaffle
      A lot of 60's & 70's bands disparaged the single & concentrated on albums. Led Zeppelin never released a single in the UK, Pink Floyd only released a few & most of Zappa's were unbroadcastable on radio in the UK or US.

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