• Worse, this is the worst defeat of the US and US foreign policy. Even worse than the occupying state of Israel taking power.
    • Victorine
      You clearly know nothing about the subject or Israel either.
  • yes but more embarrassing! Biden's foreign policy is a horror show.
  • At least we aren't repeating Vietnam like Nixon did. We are getting out. It looks like we've learned not support a corrupt govt that won't defend itself over a corrupt government that will. lol😉
    • Army Veteran
      AHEM! Nixon got us out of Vietnam. That's why he was set up with the Watergate scandal - he upset a lot of people who didn't want the war to end.
  • In some ways it does but there were many more people that needed to be rescued.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      Well, we got 120K out in about 10 days. The number left was lower tan 300. I think that's pretty good on such short notice and with so many people involved.
    • Army Veteran
      Not bad for a country whose slogan is "no one left behind", huh? And of those they did leave behind, their attitude was, "Oh, well - you can't win 'em all."
  • Worse! At least when they left Saigon they destroyed the weapons they couldn't recover! Biden's strategy (turn tail and run) gave them the most technically advanced weapons money can buy! And we didn't even HAVE to leave because they never met the terms of the agreement.
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I'm not happy about the weapons, tanks and planes either. The Defense Department said they were all rendered useless when they left.
    • Army Veteran
      They also said "no one left behind" and ended up saving the military before all of the civilians were evacuated. "Rendered useless" - look who you're talking about - "Pinnochio Joe."
  • yes it does resemble it
  • Saigon was an honorable retreat - Kabul was the act of a coward.

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