• I'm not SURE, but I don't THINK it would be possible. We have many more federal requirements for street-legal vehicles than does the U.K. (Which is one reason you don't see those UK three-wheeled cars in the US). IF I'm not mistaken (I probably am), you'd have to put serious bumpers (that would take an impact at ?? mph), headlights, of course standard safety equip like directional signal lights, side mirror(s), lighted license plate, etc. ON THE OTHER HAND...bicycles are street-legal moving vehicles in the U.S. All they require is certain reflectors. (Electric lighting only required for night operation.) But they are not MOTORIZED, and that's probably one of the main reasons why they get a "pass" regarding many regulations. In the U.S. motorized vehicles are much more heavily regulated. License plate required. Headlight required. Turn signals required. Rear-viewing mirrors required. Brake lights required. etc. And that's on a two-wheeled motorized vehicle.

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