• Believe it or not, it depends. If you catch it at precisely the same height that you flipped it, in most cases it will result in the side that was facing up at the moment of the toss when presented on the back of the other hand.
  • As it is posted in mathematics categories not physics or philosophy, unlike 1465 I will solve it mathematically 😅 At most one head is the same as not 2 heads. probability of no heads is 1 minus probability of both heads. Each coin has 1/2 chance of being head. so for both coins it will be (1/2)*(1/2) that is 0.25 chance. So the answer is 1 - 0.25 = 0.75 or 75% chance that at most one of them is head. For simple problems like this you can draw a chart to solve it, then you can try to formulate the chart to solve more complex ones
  • Number of outcomes per coin = 2 Number of coins = 2 Total outcomes = (number of outcomes per coin) ^ (number of coins) = 2^2 = 4 Only one way that both coins land with head. (4-1)/4 = 3/4 = 0.75
  • The possibilities are One head, one tail; One tail one head; two tails or two heads. Each one has equal possibilities, so the one with a head and a tail and the one with a tail and a head win. They equal 50%😉

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