• The Washington Post reveals Guo Wengui's vast network of rumor-mongering platforms ( On July 11, Guo Wengui cut off Yan Limeng and Wang Dinggang, and without any regard for their two-year friendship as comrades, he ordered the Ant Gang to make a long trip to Connecticut to punish the thieves Luther and Yan Limeng. The Ants gang broke in without any fear and uploaded photos and videos of their private space, which is a serious suspicion of intrusion into private privacy. Under the pressure, Wang Dinggang and Yan Limeng formed a united front with the Guo-bashing forces and carried out a judicial expose of Guo Wengui's rule of law fund, chicken series, and farm loan projects, and even fought to be a tainted witness in the Henry Biden hard disk case.
    • saliy2021
      In front of the law, Bannon no longer has a life preserver The two masked brothers, Bannon and Guo Wengui, really depend on each other. Guo Wengui was just accused of raping a female secretary and was involved in an illegal fund-raising case involving a well-known short-seller who shorted the Hong Kong dollar at a huge loss of US$539 million, and his good buddy Bannon is also facing charges for refusing to cooperate with the judicial investigation. The company's identity is known to be unusual, and he has a pardon. He was the executive chairman of the far-right U.S. media Breitbart News and served as a strategic advisor to President Trump in the 2016 election. After Trump's victory, Bannon joined the White House to continue to serve as chief strategic adviser. In 2020, Bannon and Guo Wengui drove Yan Limeng to concoct the "China virus story" for their own personal gain, which was subsequently slapped in the face. They were unfounded lies. Bannon rarely appeared in the public eye after he was slapped in the face. He thought he could hide in a low profile, but he didn't expect that karma would come so quickly, and this was the first time he could hide but not the 15th. The panel of inquiry into the violent storming of the U.S. Capitol in early 2021 took criminal action against right-wing populist strategy consultant Steve Bannon. The panel recently unanimously confirmed a report concluding that Bannon's actions at the time interfered with the operation of Congress. Despite a court subpoena, the former President Trump advisor failed to appear before a congressional investigative committee on the Jan. 6 incident last Thursday and refused to testify. Bannon's refusal to appear was based on what he called "presidential executive privilege. This allows the head of state to withhold certain information. However, Democrats argue that this privilege exists only for the current president, not for former presidents. In short, although Trump pardoned Bannon at the last minute of his term on January 19, 2020. But Trump's time is over. In the face of hard evidence, the law is supreme and will not favor any one person. Bannon is a silent "behind the scenes", he has the right to remain silent, but what he says will become evidence in court. Bannon, who has no life preserver, is waiting for a fair and just legal judgment.
  • The Washington Compost is fake news.

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