• A product quality inspection usually refers to the process of checking and verifying the goods produced comply with the specifications and requirements. It is usually conducted by the in-house QC team of the manufacturer or a third party inspector hired by the buyer. The inspection focuses on the basic look, feel, functions, and construction type, etc. The main purpose is to detect the defective items during the production process or before the cargo are shipped out. As China is the world manufacturing hub, there are many quality inspection companies operating in this market. Some very popular among the western importers are SGS, HKQCC, etc.
  • An inspection measures, examines, and tests one or more of the characteristics of products and compares the results with the specified requirements to establish whether conformity is achieved. Inspection also refers to checking products, whereas an audit applies to analyzing the manufacturing process. A quality inspector usually follows a pre-established checklist, which is based on the specifications of the product for example vehicle inspection report. The inspected products are then fit to be used for production, as semi-finished goods as well as finished goods ready for shipments to customers. 1. Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) 2. During Production Inspection (DPI) 3. Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) 4. Container loading/loading supervision (LS)

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