• Well, during at least one of those weekends, you will probably be ovulating or will recently have done so, so if you have sex every single weekend, your chances are fairly good, assuming you ARE ovulating and aren't using birth control. You can buy ovulation test kits to check on when you're ovulating.,-featuring-ovulation-test-with-digital-results/ID=prod6300166-product?ext=msnKBM_PLA+-+Sexual+Wellness+(2019+Update)Sexual+Wellness_&gclid=97afd5c49d5f1d0b06b2b576c13ad943&gclsrc=3p.ds&&gclid=97afd5c49d5f1d0b06b2b576c13ad943
  • There are a lot of variables involved here for which you would need a fertilization specialist. Victorine's idea would let you know if at least one of those variables is working right. How many men are you having sex with each weekend? Have you had their sperm tested? Do you have a microscope? Have any of these men fathered children in the past? Have you ever had a child? (I'll go ahead and guess that one's a no.)
    • KandyKrazy
      Well it’s just one man. No I haven’t tested it and I don’t have a microscope (because why would I.. I’m not a scientist). He hasn’t fathered any of my children but he has one of his own. And yeah I do have a child. I have a two year old. AND I have been to the doctors and had tests done and they said everything looks good. My cycles are just irregular.
  • Well, unless you are infertile, I'd say your chances were pretty good.
  • People that don't use protection are called PARENTS.
  • That depends a whole lot on who you're having sex with.

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