• i think i read some where that you need to pick something out about the person ,say big nose etc etc and that helps you remember their name . also repeat their name ,like when they say their name , {LISTEN } and say hello etc back to them etc using their name ,... but here are some great tips ↓
  • First off, you could record the initial meeting on your phone. Also like pamela said, repeat the name back to them. I always heard you should repeat it back at least three times in your initial meeting. And find a distinguishing feature you can 'link' in your mind to that person. Review the information again before going to bed. In this day and age it shouldn't be difficult to get a pic of the person to put with the name for the purpose of reviewing the information in your mind.
  • Pamela is right, and you notice the instructions for it is to keep that name in mind repeated for at least 30 seconds.

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