• it's a sham for now. in about 40-50 years it will probably be THE global digital currency. but right now mostly drug dealers, human traffickers and pedos use it because the owner of the digital "wallet" can't be traced. Crypto is all digital. you can buy a wallet on Amazon. it's just an encrypted flashdrive that you use to purchase crypto. that encryption is the ONLY way you have to identify yourself as the owner of the currency in that wallet. if that encryption is stolen, somebody can clean out your account. I say crypto won't be what it ultimately will become in 40-50 years because it will take 2 things: AI and a SUPER fast chip. Neither has been invented yet but semiconductor companies are working on it. we are still using silicon based chips and they can only go so fast. A super fast "chip" needs to be invented and it won't be silicon based. that smart "chip" will allow people to purchase immediately and in real time. right now, purchases still take days in "pending" status before the transaction is cleared. cryptocurrency may ultimately eliminate the need for banks.

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