• No one knows the answer to that question.
  • I am but, kinda falling off a bit. I do not condone you to go to one of these places, I dislike them more than here. I can't find an alternative, this is the closest thing to me. We all split in different ways at last second. Some went here, some went to tapatalk, some went to Quora and some went to Reddit. Those are the only locations I know of that people from there ran off to.
  • It was a good place to exorcise trolls, and liberals of their demons. I shall miss it.
  • yes, i tried quora, but i have been blocked twice already, and i came here as it seems less restrictive, but not too many people here now. i think quora is unfair . they blocked me for no reason other than they didn't like the questions i asked due to political bias.
    • Charin Cross
      Quora makes you give them your real full name. I'm not going to risk getting doxxed for a conservative opinion.
    • Coco Rose
      what do you mean by "doxxed"? how do they know if it is your real name or not?
    • Charin Cross
      Quora makes you use your real full name to open an account. and doxxed means people who know your name can follow you all over the net and post mean things. people like lame liberals who don't want any kind of political truth getting out.
    • Coco Rose
      but how do they know you didn't just lie about your 'real name"? how do they verify it?
    • Army Veteran
      Quora leans too far Left for me. I'm not into forums where you get called out for having your own opinions. Censorship is rampant among high-tech social media. This place seems like it's more tolerant than most.
  • I am, but aside from the lack of a serious troll infestation, this is not as good a site. I'm hoping it will improve.
  • I'm here.
  • Me! I've used Yahoo Answers for over 10 years.
  • I came here after years of yahoo answers. I was on YA since 2008 in 3 or 4 different accounts because I was always getting suspended.
  • I miss YA! too, bigtime. Answerbag is okay, but they won't accept suggestions for improvement. like not being able to delete your answer or comment, not having the time of posting of a question. "a short time ago" is too ambiguous. Maybe it's because there aren't enough people posting like there was on YA!. There would be 50 new post in a couple of hours. On Answerbag, I've been gone for 2 days and the same questions are at the top. πŸ˜•
  • Yeah that's why I'm here. Yahoo answers was great
  • yes im a refugee from Answers
  • Yes I am on this website because of Yahoo Answers shut down. I have been on Answerbag shortly after Yahoo Answers became read only. Yahoo Answers was one of a kind and I found the website much better than this with more features to use. At least with Answerbag I can still answer questions and ask questions
  • Yahoo answers wasn't worth bothering with. It was full of anonymous trolls with multiple sockpuppet accounts posting the same old rubbish day in, day out (most of it being sexist drivel) and it was difficult (if not impossible) to control their behaviour.
  • That's me.
  • Not me. I've been here a while. I tried YA once and didn't like that they deducted points. But I know how you feel. I was on MSN's Q&A and I really missed it when it closed, but I found a lot of my old Q&A friends on FB and one of them suggested this place. They also have a Q&A (private) page on FB for us, but its not the same. 😏
  • i am from there
  • I wasn't on Yahoo Answers.
  • I don’t know how many of us there are but I was a user on Yahoo Answers before it permanently shut down. Yahoo Answers was the best Q&A website in my opinion
  • I came from YA because after they closed down. I shopped around for others and this came closest to the format that I was used to using. I do wish they would redesign this one as a YA clone using the same features and the familiar format. [] From the few who indicate their dislike of YA because of the "trolls", perhaps you would prefer a site with total Liberal censorship.
  • I'm a YA! refugee. I miss it too. If Trump wins his lawsuit against beg tech, they'll rescind section 230. Maybe then Yahoo will bring it back. I'm up for signing an online petition.
  • That's me.

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