• Not at all I'm not very sensitive to spicy to the point I can taste the pickled part of them more than the spicy. I can't hardly taste the spicy of them. I like habanero.
  • No. I like hot.
  • Jalapeno was okay when I was in my 30's. However, around the time that I turned age 50 my digestive system cannot tolerate jalapenos (or any spicy food).
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      It surprises people to learn that indigestion has nothing to do with spicy food. The ingredient in spicy food that gives it its heat is called "capsaicin". Indigestion happens when there is too little salt to balance with the stomach's hydrochloric acid. [] The pancreas has another job besides producing insulin - it breaks down salt into sodium and chloride. The chloride is used to produce the hydrochloric acid while the sodium is used to produce a mild bicarbonate solution to protect the stomach from the burning effects of the acid. Acid stomach can be avoided altogether if the person would do the following: 30 minutes before eating, dissolve a pinch (1/8 tsp) of sea salt on the tongue followed by 16 oz of water to wash it down (not soft drink or other water substitute). Don't sip on the water - it has to all be drunk within 5 minutes. Two hours after eating, repeat the process to complete the digestion. [] I used to get heartburn so much that when I bought antacids, I'd buy 2 large bottles - one to take on the road with me and one to keep at home. That was more than 10 years ago. I do the water protocol every day and I've never been bothered with digestive issues since.
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      I still eat them at 83
  • Not usually, they are one of my favorites. I bought some at a roadside fruit stand awhile back though that lit me up!
  • Jalapeno is too spicy for me around the time that I turned age 50. However, I ate jalapenos on occasion when I was in my 20's and 30's.
  • I find them much too spicy for me.
  • Usually not. But sometimes I come across an especially hot one!
  • Love them and normally eat some everyday.

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