• Agree. There are way too many gals, way too desperate to breed, that are nowhere near selective enough about choosing the daddy. Not every guy is suitable to be a father. I cannot think of a more important decision for a gal to make than the careful selection of a willing husband and co-parent.
    • Linda Joy
      I agree with most of what you said, but I think men are even less selective when it comes to breeding than women!!
    • Franco333
      Breeding or marriage? Obviously men are lacking in selectivity when it comes to wife selection, as proven by how many are financially ruined via divorce rape. Not so sure about the breeding part. I doubt many guys would be feeble-minded enough to pick a woman to bear their kids who flat out says she hates kids and never wants any. It takes a special kind of stupid to hear that and think 'Once I get her preggers I just know she will change her mind, and I'll be able to talk her into being a wonderful mommy for my brood!'
  • I'm not sure. My father's sole contribution was at my conception. If this resulted in a tragedy I would like to think the tragedy was on his side. He has missed out on my growing up & my achievements, I have missed out on an uninterested parent. Who has lost the most, I don't think it's me?

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