• I wrote a letter to the editor of my local newspaper. I was one of 6 people criticizing a local councilman's aversion to strip clubs. The online argument lasted three days. One the third day I criticized him sexually, saying he'd like to be a player but he can't because he's too fat, old and his sister is an anti-porn crusader. On the fourth day after I just went online to check for responses, my pc went into black screen, downloaded something and never worked again. It was scary because this guy was a councilman and I was going on to newspaper website. I thought both sources were safe. They weren't. Somebody located me, and cracked my pc. 😖😕😗
  • i have met online some lovely friends
  • Best: Helping others find solutions to dire real life problems. Worst: I've had someone 'stalking' me for over ten years trying with various profiles to get me to friend him. This person has made it to where I now refuse to accept new friend requests unless I know the person. Just last week there were two more such posts I suspect were him.

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