• Open the border
  • Enforce the laws already in existence. Quit giving benefits paid for by taxpayers to illegal immigrants. Improve the process for legalizing immigrants that will contribute to our economy and get rid of the ones who are diseased and criminals.
  • IMHO Pres. Joe Biden should check out immigrants seeking political assylum. That doesn't mean guaranteing assylum status. Plus see about opening up a path to legal immigration and lastly keep the DREAM Act.
  • He should keep it as Trump had it.
  • complete the wall and strengthen our immigration laws. and unlike Biden, not incentivise Central Americans to come to America. and can America make ENGLISH our national language PLEASE!!
  • Let's do away with all of the travel regulations and borders. Just let people come and go as they please. That would work nicely for me.
  • stop encouraging people in Central America to come to America. especially unaccompanied minor migrants! It's bad enough we have to feed them, we shouldn't have to raise them too. Christian churches are asking for their parishioners to take in these children and raise them. this isn't our responsibility.

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