• Yes I would, if would save my life, but failing that, as a walker, I'm sure my big toe callouses would keep me going for a day or two.
    • Linda Joy
  • I need to think about that ie eating my leg. I do know I would put my only leg forward because that would be my only way of putting my best foot forward.
  • Hey - anything to get a leg up in life...ya know?
    • Linda Joy
  • I don't think I d have enough time to worry about eating if I lost a leg in a plane crash. I'm sure I'd bleed to death before I ever got hungry.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess you didn't read the description where it says ..." this is supposing maybe it was cauterized somehow in the crash and cooked to perfection!"
    • Army Veteran
      Ease up, LJ - he was just in a plane crash and he's been traumatized. He can't read straight, yet.
  • No you would still die. How can you stomach raw meat? If you'd lost a limb you wouldn't be able to cook it. think about it.
    • Linda Joy
      Read the question description and try again.
    • Army Veteran
      In a plane crash, there's usually fire - crawl over and cook it.
  • So much for women being dainty. lol.😖😒😆
    • Linda Joy
      Some are, some aren't, and some know there's a time and a place for each.
    • Army Veteran
      Dainty women are snooty. Give me a sexy barmaid with plenty of job benefits, and I could die a happy man.
  • Do you mean: the lost leg? was lost...right?
    • Linda Joy
      Its not like you can hunt it down without a leg, right? haha
  • If I was alone, I could survive without eating my leg. If I was with others, I'd be a little more concerned - I've been told by a few reliable sources that I'm quite delicious. 😆
    • Creamcrackered
      Lol! Who said that? Liars the lot of them!
  • ummmmm thats a tough one. Uh which leg?
    • Army Veteran
      The wooden one - the one that replaced the one you lost in the last plane accident (why the airline kept that idiot pilot, I'll never know...)

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