• I use to watch Hoarders some of them cases are scary
  • I live next door to one, constant infestations of mice, and her place stinks of mould, rotten debri, dog faeces and pee. She has dementia, spends the time when she is awake (which is at night) she sleeps all day, moving her stuff back and forth back and forth, it's an absolute nightmare to live next door to. She has her curtains closed 24/7, but you can see the stuff pushed up against the windows. Got in touch with social care, the son turned up, but he is just a pot head, it hasn't changed anything. She lives and sleeps in the bedroom with the son, and so I have been sleeping in my living for the best part of two years and I can't stand it. Apparently she did the same with her last place, and her husband left several years ago because he couldn't stand it. She accuses the neighbours of stealing her stuff, and has threatened to stab and kill me, had the police here multiple times now. My place is clean and tidy.
    • Linda Joy
      You're sleeping in your living [room]? Why did you change? You live in houses next to each other, right? Bless your heart that has to be rough.
    • Creamcrackered
      One bedroomed bungalows. Her bedroom is adjoining mine, she gets up at 6/9pm, then is up until 5am, and then sleeps until 6pm. Hence, the noise is constantly on that wall, so my living-room is the only place to sleep. It's coming to a point now, that if social services aren't willing to do anything then I'll have to move.
    • DancesWithWolves
      @Creamcracker- If you have an Area of Aging they may be able to help you also you could try contacting the local City/ Town about it?

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