• Uh, he doesn't want to help take down decorations? Really, if he said that, he is saying "Fine. Either y'all don't want me here, or you do but you won't listen when I say that the voting was messed up. What do I know? I'm just the President of the United States. Either way, I'm through with it."
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  • IDK TBC hope he keeps his promise. I doubt it since he constantly lies to us.
  • Well, considering how big of a dush Trump can be, I'll bet he says: "Hey guys, I'm leaving. I'll be out having the time of my life and I'll probably be gone for a bit. You know, for sure I am. Just make sure to scrub my toilets thoroughly or you can go just like the waste when it was flushed down the toilet. That goes with your salary as well. Goodbye everyone. The president of the United States of America is now leaving the White House!"

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