• Alaska. Even though I'd rather be in a warm climate, California is definitely NOT IT! They are run by liberals, overrun with illegal aliens (the kind that have TB!) They won't use fire breaks to stop the fires, they won't increase their power production to meet the needs of their citizens so they regularly have rolling blackouts! "California is 26% more concerned about their safety than the national average. The state's violent crime rate remained stable year over year, reporting 4.5 incidents per 1,000 people for the second year in a row. That's higher than the national violent crime rate of 3.7." AND they have the highest tax rates in the entire country!
    • Linda Joy
      Actually I think I'll stay here.
  • Blech, one's too hot and one's too cold. Considering Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth, though, and it's much more challenging to survive there, I think I'd choose Anchorage out of those two. Also, I feel like I'm much more acclimated to colder weather than the average person. I grew up in Detroit, and have lived in Northeastern Vermont and St. Petersburg, Russia. When I lived a short while in Indianapolis, I felt like it was too hot there for me in the summer.

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