• Fossil records support the model of evolution. However, if you want to find direct proof of evolution, we have that in modern biology as direct recorded observation. For example, SARS-CoV-2 has mutated from one subspecies to several dozens of subspecies of virus just in the past year, and the more apt to survive subspecies have flourished whilst the less apt have withered. Another direct example is MERS, which is staph bacteria evolved to resist antibiotics. Even human beings have evolved since the advent of modern data collection in that we have bigger eyes and fewer teeth than we once did, on average.
  • Not necessarily. They could have come from parts of other worlds, compacted into a black hole and then distributed during the explosion of the big bang. Just a theory, of course, like evolution being where humans came from. Another theory could be that aliens mated with apes and produced humans, or the lizard people as some people call us, I mean them. hahaha!

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