• It is illegal to criminalize a religion. What can be prosecuted are criminal acts of individuals and businesses. They are two completely different things. Would you like to discuss this or are you just going to throw out half truths and never give a shred of support for your hypothesis? Do you have a link you'd like to post? I can explain how to post a link if you don't know how. PM me. that goes for anyone at least while I have time and energy to do so. Just click my name. email is in the profile.
    • Linda Joy
      Some radical Muslims want everyone to be punished according to their laws. Not just their people. I do not wish to live by sharia rule and Muslim law. I'm an American and I cherish my right to believe what I choose for myself and I think each individual should be allowed to choose for themselves as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of another. I do not believe women are property. They are children of God. I would quickly be executed under their law because I don't play that!
  • Which President tried to criminalize a religion?
  • By the way, "Muslim" is not a religion. A muslim is a person who practices Islam.
  • there not a good president and its against the law
  • He is a racist.
    • dalcocono
      Islam is not a race. It is a faith that encompasses all races.

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