• My heart have at it it belongs to God, he will judge
  • No, I don't like it at all, unless its the name of a bulldog.
    • OurBestFriends
      Well go ahead and call me a Bulldog cause I was a Bulldog when playing basketball back in highschool and yes my nickname has always neen Butch
  • For a dog it's OK. Not for a person though.
  • Well I kinda like mynickname since it was given to me as a 4 yr. old and all my friends back home in Nebraska call me by that name so I alwaysknow when a call or message gets to me its from back home If any decent lady wants to meet a neat guy with my nickname I sure will make you welcome to be my friend Buch
    • Creamcrackered
      Ah, well it's different if it's a nickname because that comes with a fondness from others.
    • OurBestFriends
      I always apprecate fondness cause the roots of my raising rrun deep and always welcome friendship of the ladies in life too
  • For a dog? Yes.
    • OurBestFriends
      Mybe your a BITCH Thats a FEMALE DOG for a CITY SLICKER who wouldn't even know where MILK or EGGS come from
  • That was my dog's name.
  • Some might like that for their dog or pet hedgehog.
  • I like it. I've never heard of 'butches my hair'. I have heard of butchering someone's hair.
  • That was my dog's name.

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