• Well, the question may appear to be simple, but is actually part of a larger question- what is reality, and how do we determine what qualifies? For example, If I say that there are purple-skinned aliens living on the fifth planet in orbit around the star Tau-Ceti, I have absolutely no way to prove it's true, and you have no way to prove it's false. It is completely beyond our abilities to detect it. Because of that, the only neutral objective scientific position is that it is unknown if such creatures exist. But if it is part of my personal belief system so strongly that the mere concept of such beings shapes my life, it is a part of my PERSONAL reality. My personal reality, and the "real word" of actuality, may or may not match. So the answer to your question is both- to those who do not believe in such things, they do not exist in any practical sense that we can measure. To those who do, it does not mater- the concept of them exists and shapes their lives if they actually exist or not.
  • Heaven and Hell are both very real places, no matter what faith a person is. We (mankind) did not just happen.. We were created by God, so the Bible tells us the truth. The circle of life.. We are born and then one day we die. Judgement Day will come and those who are saved/born-again and believe that Jesus died for us & then rose again and have confessed their sin & asked forgiveness, will live in Heaven for eternity. The others wil be lost. If you don't have a personal relationship with Christ, please search your heart and then ask Him in.
  • One who has faith does not have to see to believe :o)
  • You'll know soon enough ;)
  • It's real, whether you choose to believe it or not.
  • 9-16-2017 As Magenta pointed out, you must consider the possibility that people who answer you don't know what they pretend to know. That also means that you might be asking the wrong question. "Hell" has always been a hole, also called a grave, and everybody goes there. No exceptions. In the Hebrew concept there were three heavens. The first was blue and birds fly through it. The second was the sun, moon, and all the stars. The third was where God lives. So the reality of heaven depends on whether you believe God is real. Other peoples had other ideas about heaven. There once was a tree of life, which also looked like a mountain, and the Chinese assumed that heaven was at the top of the mountain. The Earth also had rings, which resembled an ocean in the southern sky, so that is why they named their land Chun-gua, Middle Kingdom. You don't have to read many pages in history to realize that the sky above the Earth looked very different just a few thousand years ago. You might wonder why the ancients named their god after a planet that most people now can't even point to. Well, they were quite explicit about that: they didn't worship gods named for planets, they worshiped the planets. In ancient days, Jupiter and Saturn dominated the sky, and Venus and Mars put on quite a show for a long time. Here is a careful investigation of ancient myths and legends, considering stories in hundreds of languages from all over the world and going back to 10,500 BC. It is very long, and it is still in progress.
    • Jewels Vern
      The Catholic concept of hell was totally invented by a poet named Dante Alighieri.
  • The Illuminati sure believe there is a heaven and a hell.

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