• It's possible if you have blue eyes or are really tall. A student only needs to possess a certain look and physical characteristic to apply for such scholarships.
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      Folks, there you have it.
  • Yes, my son went to a local college between his junior and senior year on scholarship. Talk to your career counselor.
  • You could conceivably be awarded a scholarship that you could later use for college. You'd have to find a competition or some organization that awards one to young high school students. It would be more normal to enter such a competition or apply to such a program in your junior or senior year. Moreover, most students who need financial help attend on financial aid, which is awarded by the college or university itself. You apply when you are applying to college. The aid you receive may comprise scholarships that the college has available, plus other forms of aid. I attended college on very generous aid and didn't have to take out large loans.

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