• Several times a week. Being lost, looking for my car, being stranded with no resources and among strangers is a continuing dream. I live somewhere but can't find the house, no one knows where I live. I have a vehicle but then it disappears or someone takes it and doesn't return it. Many times it is a work vehicle that I have to return and it disappears or I park it somewhere and when I go to get it the car is gone. I spend the night walking and looking until I wake up.
  • Most of them. Had a weird dream with an unlikely chain of events when I was 25. Seven years later, real life matched it exactly !
    • Linda Joy
      I've had premonition dreams as well. When my son was just 3 mos old I dreamed he had cut all 4 of his bottom teeth. When no one was looking I checked his mouth because it was too soon for him to be cutting teeth, but sure enough he had cut a tooth on the bottom, just one. But the next time I dreamed the dream he had cut another one. Weird!
  • Over 20 years ago there was a nighmare where I saw people dying from bomb boobytraps. Even worse the images of people being blown up in bloody pieces kept repeating in my dream. Worst dream I ever dreamed.
    • Linda Joy
      I hate those! My worst was that I was back in the service and had to stand watch over a temporary storage area and kids were trying to steal stuff and I drew my weapon but couldn't fire on them. I let them get away. They were only about 8 or so. Just kids! And I yelled out stop or I'm going to have to shoot you! My bunk mate at the shelter thought it was funny and reminded me of it years later after we each had our own places but then I told her what the dream was about and she realized it wasn't so funny!
  • I have frequent spine chilling nightmares. Also, I cannot wake myself up immediately nor call out for help. I make this strange creepy sound...
    • Linda Joy
      I tried to scream for help in a dream and couldn't scream. And when I finally did it was in real life! The night manager of the shelter let himself in my room to check on me and that scared me too! In the dream my entire house was picked up in a tornado and spinning around like in the Wizzard of Oz. But in real life I had fallen down with a loft that collapsed a few years earlier.

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