• No, and I am glad there isn't. Such people wallow in their own self gratification and greed at the cost of a young child. We need to have churches that tell the truth and to teach the truth of the Bible. Instead churches tend to cause dissention among those in the church of which non-churched people pick up on further twisting the Word until all is out of control which is what we have today especially in the USA. The truth will curtail the lies that Satan so loves because it makes him the winner not the loser. The church has driven more people away from the Lord Jesus Christ than drawn to Him. I know because I was one who followed Satan at one time until the Lord God got ahold of me and I began learning the truth apart from the church. I love and thank the Lord God for what He has taught me over the last 45 years of my 81.
  • Because this is not a dating site, kid.

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