• The Bible is 66 books written by 40 authors and we are only now learning it is an integrated message system from outside our time dimension. Science now believes there are more dimensions outside of those we live in, length, height, depth, and time. Think of the universe as the inside of a very large box. The Lord God resides outside this box. He observes what goes on inside and can even come into the universe as we know it but He is greater than all the universe. If we went back in time far enough there would be nothing so we could not float in nothing as there would be no space. If we could go back that far we would not be. Can you think this big? You have to think God is bigger than the universe and outside of it.
  • Position is a measure of space, and space is a component of space-time, of which time is the other component. Travel through time is thus analogous to travel through space. There are vastly different rules for each to us, because we are "strapped in" on our time axis. If we were to travel through time, we would need to know our position in space-time and four-velocity and four-acceleration as well, as well as the position in space-time, four-velocity, and four-acceleration of any important object relative to us. Since we are terminally bound to Earth (being that we are a part of Earth, mechanically), time travel here on Earth, as difficult as it is, wouldn't require knowledge of any of these things. But time travel in space, where, hypothetically speaking, the act would more likely be possible, would have to carefully account for all of this data. Fun, right?
  • I think our entire universe is in a snow globe on God's desk.
    • Thinker
      Could well be...very similar to my analogy using a box.

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