• Why would you assume it has anything to do with the 'evil white capitalist patriarchy?' It said nothing in the article about that! They are just showing their true colors. Its what they do, then wonder why that's how people see them. But when the media rewards them with recognition for acting like rampaging animals but never shows them when they do truly noteworthy things of a positive nature they create the environment for the benefit of ratings. Then the rest of the world thinks this is reality, when its not. I get along with my neighbors no matter what their color, religion or ethnic origin. That crazy stuff is not the USA in which I live.
    • Linda Joy
      " all the "flash mob" robberies" Are these happening a lot? This is the first I've heard of them, though that's not surprising since I don't watch tv.
    • Archie Bunker
      There are reports of many of these going around, Linda. It's the new thing. And when I talk about the evil capitalists, I'm making a comparison to the rioting that always seems to occur when some black guy is killed by the police. It's always excused based on the oppression of blacks in a particular area. Look at the rioting after the Rodney King incident. Ferguson. Baltimore. It always seems to be excused because of some BS link to oppression.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't believe that for a second. Its a personal choice that reflects who they have chosen to become as individuals. If blacks were discriminated against they wouldn't be able to make millions just like everyone else. And if the black guy wasn't out committing crime there wouldn't be an issue at all! Besides the fact more black people kill black people than anyone else! Its just an excuse - and not a good one to commit the crime they already wanted to commit.

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