• There was a TV commercial back in the day where robots transported talking heads around like in "Futurama." I have absolutely no idea what that commercial was about or who promoted it.
  • No. Just like phone technology improves so will AI. And devices, robots, and programming will have to progress as well as maintenance and repair. Also they will have to be supervised. And greedy bastards will program them to quit after a few years like Mr. Coffee did their heating elements. Besides, AI has to be programmed. Machines don't really learn they just collect and use data more efficiently than we do. We are the ones who tell it how to process the information.
  • i would hope not
  • Whether your job is replaced by AI or by another person, you will eventually be replaced. Whether the job itself goes away due to AI replacing it or simply due to attrition, either way, it will go away at some point in time. More immediately, whether we get on board with it or oppose it, the AI revolution is going to happen (actually, it already is happening). And whoever ends up taking ownership of the AI that will eventually take over the world's economy will be the most powerful in the world's economy.
  • AI will destroy life as we know it. Once you have robots building robots and robots realize that their only threat is us, we'll go the way of the dodo. The basic problems with AI is that a machine lacks morality as we see it. Instrumental convergence suggests that a machine with one task, say playing checkers, could conceivably overtake the population in it's quest to become a better checkers player. While not taking over the population is the intended goal it has, it's goal of self-improvement could put all other considerations aside to achieve that goal, possibly to our doom. Try reading this funny little article that shows how a simple request to a computer has dire consequences. -
  • It will certainly destroy privacy, AI is already being used to target consumers based on the data it collects, your smart meter collects data such as: what appliances you have, when you use them, when you are in and when you are out, even down to what TV programmes you watch, so that it can target you at particular times of the day with advertising for new appliances, insurances etc. It also creates a behavioural profile of you, as to whether you are compliant or not. AI also collects data from smart phones, and as you know your smart phone tracks all your search's and your whereabouts.

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